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Certificate in in Human Rights

Specialize in human rights to strengthen analytical and critical thinking skills, with study of a range of human rights cases and issues. Offered through the College of Arts & Letters, the certificate enables you to choose from a wide variety of topic areas. Add this meaningful certificate to your course of study to bolster your understanding of the world.

The certificate requires 15 units which include Political Science 380 plus 12 units selected from the courses listed below, with no more than 6 units in any one discipline. Students must obtain a grade of ā€œCā€ or better in each of the eligible courses in order for the course to count toward the Certificate in Human Rights. The certificate is open to all majors at SDSU.

For more information, please see the certificate page on the Center for Human Rights website or read about four of our student's experiences.



Professor Grace Cheng
Office: NH 108
Email: [email protected]

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