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Fiske Legal Series

The Fiske Legal Series was established in 2021 to help SDSU students interested in law have more access to real professionals in the field. It was important to John and Courtney Fiske to help in demystifying the legal profession and fostering a robust network of San Diego's legal experts. This series brings together SDSU alumni who have excelled in the legal field to engage in intimate and insightful panel discussions. These discussions aim to provide valuable insights, share experiences, and build connections within the legal community.

The Fiske Legal Series creates an environment where participants can interact with our esteemed panelists on a personal level. The intimate setting and networking opportunities allow for meaningful conversations and the opportunity to interact directly with the panelists and legal alumni. This personal connection facilitates mentorship, guidance, and the cultivation of a supportive network within the San Diego legal community.

Panels will feature accomplished SDSU alumni and legal community members who have made significant strides in their legal careers. From seasoned attorneys to public officials to esteemed judges; each panelist brings a unique perspective and wealth of knowledge to the table. Our discussions can cover a wide range of legal topics, including different practice career paths to attending law school, along with challenges faced and success stories. Whether you're a pre-law student, an upcoming graduate, or an alumnus legal professional, this event offers something for everyone.

Our discussions go beyond just demystifying lawyers; the panels will inspire, educate, and empower aspiring legal professionals. By showcasing the achievements of SDSU alumni, we demonstrate the possibilities and potential that lie within the legal field. We believe that every individual with a passion for law deserves the opportunity to connect with experienced professionals and gain insights that can shape their career journeys.

Fiske Legal Series at SDSU Gives Students Insight Into the Law Profession

Aspiring law students have an opportunity to meet law professionals to learn about career pathways thanks to alumnus John Fiske

When John Fiske (‘04) decided he wanted to go to law school in the fall of 2003, he had minimal understanding of what lay ahead for him.

A political science student, Fiske won a spot in the Panetta Institute Congressional Internship Program to study for two weeks with Leon Panetta and other CSU awardees at CSU Monterey. It was there that Panetta told students, “Go to law school, you’ll learn to think properly.” 

Read the full story on the CAL website.

Join us at the Fiske Legal Series to be a part of these engaging discussions, broaden your knowledge of the legal profession, and expand your network of San Diego legal experts. Together, we can foster a community that thrives on collaboration, mentorship, and professional growth.

Stay tuned for our upcoming events via this website. Don't miss out on the chance to connect with successful SDSU alumni who are making a difference in the legal field. Let's demystify lawyers and build a strong network of legal professionals in San Diego!

We look forward to seeing you at the next Fiske Legal Series!

What is Law School Really Like?

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Join us for a conversation with members from the SDSU Alumni PreLaw Board who attended law school. Topics covered include what to expect in law school, tips for thriving academically and personally, and how to find a job post-law school.

Jon Davidi (SDSU, 2015)
Trial Attorney
Panish Shea Ravipudi LLP

Kerri N. Kramer (SDSU, 2013)
Employment Attorney
Kring & Chung LLP

Jeffrey D. Light (SDSU, 1987)
Business Development Director
A.B. Data

Lawyering Today

Pre-Law Society Networking Event and Panel Discussion

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

A special SDSU Legal Conversation featuring legal experts (and SDSU alumni) sharing their unique career stories and keys to their success, leading to a formative discussion.

Moderator | John Fiske (Political Science ’04)
Partner, Baron & Budd
Environmental (Public Entity as Plaintiff) Expert

Panelist | Jennifer Stone (English ’96) 
Sr. Deputy County Counsel, Office of County Counsel, County of San Diego Office

Panelist | Rodney Cruz Pizarro (Sociology ’03)
Lead Counsel
Airbnb Host Community

There is a wealth of resources and information for students interested in the legal field.

Fiske Legal Series at SDSU, College of Arts and Letters

Alumni Panel Discussion and Networking Event

Wednesday, April 17, 2024
6 p.m.
SDSU Experimental Theatre

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Please join fellow pre-law students, SDSU alumni and the campus community to welcome three expert legal graduates back to campus for a formative discussion on “Aspirational Lawyering Today.”

Panelists Vic Bianchini (Political Science ’60) and Judge Devon Lomayesva (History ’94) are excited to share their unique career stories and keys to their success. Moderator and event sponsor John Fiske (Political Science ’04) will facilitate a conversation with valuable insights for both current and aspiring attorneys.

Moderator: John Fiske (‘04), Partner, Baron & Budd Environmental (Public Entity as Plaintiff) Expert

Panelist: Vic Bianchini (‘60) Retired State of California Superior Court Judge and a retired, U.S. Magistrate Judge

Panelist: Judge Devon Lomayesva (‘94) Chief Judge of the Intertribal Court of Southern California

Light refreshment provided during networking.

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