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We believe that understanding political processes, institutions, and ideas is key to an engaged citizenry and fundamental to a thriving democracy. Our curriculum fosters a thoughtful, critical, and active attitude towards politics, civility in public discourse; appreciation for alternative points of view; dialogue across political differences; and global awareness. Our program helps students develop the knowledge-base and skills to independently assess public debate claims and distinguish reasonable political disagreements between well-informed and thoughtful holders of opposed political opinions from unreasonable political disputes.

We support the equality and dignity of all persons in order to establish and promote an environment in which all can thrive. Visit the American Political Science Association’s Resources for on Systemic Racism & Social Justice.



On October 18, SDSU's Political Science Department held a teach-in on the events in Israel/ Palestine that was attended by about 350 people.

MekanyTruman Scholar Looks to a Better World for Refugee, Migrant Girls

There were times growing up in San Diego’s Scripps Ranch neighborhood that Sandrien “Sandy” Mekany experienced something of an identity crisis, wondering whether to consider herself Arab or American.

Mekany, who last week became San Diego State University's first-ever recipient of The Harry S. Truman Foundation’s graduate scholarship for public-service leadership, is the daughter of Arabic-speaking Chaldean refugees who fled Iraq during Saddam Hussein’s regime. 

Read the full story on SDSU NewsCenter.


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The lecture series brings together SDSU alumni who have excelled in the legal field to engage in intimate and insightful panel discussions. Through these discussions, the aim to provide valuable insights, share experiences, and build connections within the legal community.

The center supports and promotes human rights research and education at SDSU, as well as opportunities for engagement with human rights organizations in San Diego County and in the San Diego-Tijuana binational area and beyond. 

ISCOR is an innovative, interdisciplinary program designed to provide students with a sophisticated understanding of the political, moral, socio-economic, and cultural dimensions of challenges to global and human security.