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Short Term Study Abroad Programs

Due to COVID our programs for 2020-2021 had to be canceled.  Below are examples of past programs offered.

Celebrate the New Year in the former Soviet Union nations of Estonia and Russia as you explore the societies, culture, economics, and foreign policies. Estonia, a member of both the European Union and NATO, utilizes technology to stay well-connected. This two-week intensive study will focus on international security, border issues, and global concerns in Estonia and Russia through class time taught by Estonian and Russian scholars and officials as well as various excursions. 

This course is a three-week intensive study of e-commerce, e-governance, digital justice, and cybersecurity. The core component of this class will focus on understanding how information and communication technologies (ITCs) are a considerable driving force behind economic growth, citizen engagement and job creation but may also represent a challenge to our economic, political and justice system.

Learn about the impacts of the rapid development of information, communication technology, and the internet in our society. Evaluate the positive and negative effects that TCs have on culture, economics, education, the media, justice, public services administration and the functioning of the political system and how ITCs improve the relationships between governments and individuals as well as provide access to justice. 

This program provides students with the unique opportunity to understand the historical context and background of the breakup of Yugoslavia and examine the ethnic and political causes of the war in Bosnia. Students will be exposed firsthand to the local, national and international efforts to bring peace and stability to the region. Additionally, students will examine the different challenges and approaches to conflict resolution and peacebuilding, and understand the role of negotiation in resolving international and intranational conflict.

This program is a two-week intensive study of international security, regional issues, and global concerns. The core component of this course will focus on understanding the politics, social relations, economics, and values that influence and affect this region. Students will participate in numerous excursions to broaden their understanding of the diverse Georgian culture and society. 

This is a unique opportunity for SDSU Weber Honors College students to learn about the Finnish education system, experience the natural world, and gain an interdisciplinary perspective regarding refugees and sustainability in Finland. 

Environmental consciousness is part of Finland’s culture, and many of Finland’s cities have focused on carbon-neutral initiatives. Jyväskylä is also home to an immigrant services office that oversees refugee resettlement, which has been handling a portion of the refugees and asylees admitted to the country each year. 

Semester and Year-Long Study Abroad Programs in Europe

SDSU Exchange programs are reciprocal partnerships with foreign universities allowing students to study at another university and pay home tuition and fees. Participants generally enroll in regular classes (taught in English or host language) and integrate into mainstream campus life.

Here is a list of programs that offer a wide range of excellent political science courses in English (students do not need to be fluent in the host country's language). Many of the courses offered by these programs can be pre-approved for credit toward the Political Science major/minor. Courses taken abroad do NOT need an exact equivalent at SDSU. Political Science courses not covered in the SDSU curriculum may still be used to meet major/minor requirements.

Other Study Abroad Programs & Opportunities

To browse the numerous other study abroad opportunities available at SDSU, visit Aztecs Abroad, the database of all pre-approved study abroad programs. From short-term, semester and yearlong study abroad programs, to international internships, service-learning or research opportunities, SDSU provides hundreds of options for students to incorporate an international experience into their SDSU experience.

Don’t miss out on the numerous study abroad scholarship opportunities available. Visit the CAL Study Abroad Scholarships page to learn about SDSU scholarships, as well as external scholarships and grants