James Murren

MurrenOffice: NH 123 | Email: [email protected]

James Murren has worked on environmental, agricultural and extension education projects, both domestically and internationally, for over fifteen years.  In the classroom, he bridges theory, policy, and practice when seeking solutions to challenges related to:  household energy in emerging economies, sustainable bio-energy procurement, appropriate technology transfer, community development, farmer’s association capacity-building, agro-forestry, post-harvest grain storage, watershed protection and management, environmental education, and business planning.  He holds a Master of Environmental Policy from the University of Pennsylvania and B.A. in Political Science with a concentration in Science, Technology, and Society from Penn State University.  A Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Honduras, 1997-99), he has worked in East and West Africa, Central and South America, and Eastern Europe.

He teaches the following courses: Politics of the Environment (POLS/SUST 334), Food Justice (POLS/GEOG 440), Intro to Sustainability (SUST/ENVS 100), Global Food Security (Weber Honors College), Global Environmental Issues (Weber Honors College), Living/Learning Community Seminar (GEN S 100) and a 1-credit course titled: What is International Development? (CES 496).